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Logitech launches solar-powered keyboard

Peripheral maker Logitech has released what it reckons is the world's first solar-powered keyboard.

Now, it might seem a bit belt-and-braces to make such a device, but anyone who has had to scrabble about for a fistful of AA batteries in the middle of a marathon gaming session - and let's face it, the batteries never die in the middle of doing something mundane - will be grateful for this self-charging device.

Basement dwellers among you need fear not... you won't have to crawl blinking into the sun in order to charge your keyboard, as it will happily charge under a normal light bulb or even the glow from your monitor.

If you really must use it in the dark, the keyboard's internal batteries will chug along for about three months without having to do a spot of sunbathing.

Whether paying the $80 premium for what is otherwise a pretty bog-standard keyboard will outweigh the inconvenience of having to swap the batteries a couple of times a year remains to be seen, but we can see the Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 finding a home in many a gaming or home theatre PC setup.