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Meet the Anti "Nexus Two" : The £9.95 Alcatel OT-708 "Touchscreen" Phone

It might not be as glamorous as the soon to be announced Samsung Nexus Two but the Alcatel OT-708 One Touch Mini packs a lot of value for its price, £19.95 including a £10 topup.

For the cost of a bog standard mobile phone, the deal, which is currently on offer at Carphone Warehouse, provides you with a capable touchscreen device selling at a 80 per cent discount.

The OT-708 has a 2.4-inch resistive touch screen, a 1.3-megapixel camera and Bluetooth compatibility. It can house a microSD card up to 4GB and as an added bonus comes with a FM radio.

But it doesn't come with a stylus and CPW even recommends that you buy a screen protector to avoid scratches - no Gorilla glass here; plus the lack of a proper 3.5mm socket means that you have to rely on the rather uncomfortable earphones for the journey.

At this price, don't expect 3G or Wi-Fi but the upside of it is that you get much better battery life compared to proper smartphones. It does however represent exceptional value for a £9.95 PAYG handset, whatever way you cut it.