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MI6 chief red-faced over daughter's FaceBook page

Spy chief Sir John Sawers, head of MI6, is having touble keeping things secret.

Not only did his missus, Lady Sawers, post details of their domestic arrangements on FaceBook in June last year, including a picture of Sir John wearing in skimpy Speedos, but now his daughter is at it, using the anti-social vanity site to post a picture of herself posing by the Christmas tree with one of Sadaam Hussein's golden Kalashnikovs.

The Sunday Mirror reckons the gun was a gift from Sawers' time in Iraq. We don't imagine it was a gift from the original owner, however.

When Lady Sawers posted the picture of the skimpies the then Foreign Secretary, David Miliband, said it was “no state secret” that the snoop wore Speedo swimming trunks on holiday. “For goodness’ sake, let’s grow up,” he said.

Now he's in opposition we imagine he thinks its scandalous that the girl with the golden gun is pumping herself on FarceBook.