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Microsoft To Acquire Canesta

Microsoft is set to acquire Silicon Valley start-up Canesta, which specialises in the manufacture of gesture recognition technology.

Canesta makes technology that allows people to control computer systems and devices by using gestures and hand motions. The company also manufactures chips that, when combined with a digital camera, allows the device to show a 3D over-view of their surroundings.

The financial details of the deals have not yet been disclosed by the companies, The New York Times has reported.

It is rumoured that the software giant may use the gesture sensing technology to strengthen its Kinect motion sensing gaming peripheral or develop a new breed of personal computer controlled by human gestures.

James Spare, chief executive of Canesta, said in a statement: “We have a really broad mission to enable everyday devices with the ability to see, and enable natural user interfaces across all kinds of devices. There is no other company more committed to natural user interfaces than Microsoft.”