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Oracle Demands $2.3 Billion In Damages From SAP

Oracle has demanded SAP pay $2.3 billion in damages for the theft of its intellectual property conducted by the now-defunct SAP subsidiary TomorrowNow.

The enterprise software giant had accused SAP of knowingly allowing TomorrowNow to illegally download Oracle software for its support operations.

SAP, looking to avoid a lengthy trial, then admitted to being aware of TomorrowNow's dubious activities and agreed to pay a sum to Oracle in damages.

According to SAP, the damage done amounted to "tens of millions", instead of the billions being demanded by Oracle.

According to Bloomberg, some are seeing it as an attempt to humiliate not only SAP but also Hewlett-Packard, which replaced Mark Hurd with former TomorrowNow head Leo Apotheker as CEO.

Apotherker was the CEO of SAP when the infringement took place and has been targeted by Oracle ever since joining HP, with the company openly criticising HP for hiring him.

A recent press release by Oracle CEO Larry Ellison confirms that the company plans to call Apotheker to testify in the trial.