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Prices Of Xbox Live Subscriptions Hiked Up

The prices of Xbox Live subscriptions went up this morning in Canada, US, Mexico and the United Kingdom also only a few gamers here are likely to be affected because UK price rises are limited to monthly subscriptions.

A £1 rise means that the cost of one month of Xbox Live has now reached £5.99 which means that it is cheaper to buy a 12-Month Xbox Live Gold Membership from Amazon for £32.99 rather than paying for six months in a row.

Prices in Canada also went up by $1 for the monthly subs while gamers in the US saw prices go up by $2 for monthly subs, $5 for the quarterly plans and $10 for the annual ones, which means that it is actually cheaper to buy the Xbox Live Gold in the UK than in the US.

Major Nelson said that the price increases were justified and that Microsoft was "confident that when the new pricing takes effect, an Xbox Live Gold membership will continue to offer the best value in the industry."

Given they've got the monopoly on the Xbox 360 gaming platform, it does indeed offer the "best value" since they're effectively the only player. One can expect that price rises become more regular (just like tube fare rises) as the number of Xbox 360 gamers increases.

Earlier today, we reported about the Xbox Live dashboard update which brings Zune Music, a new voice communication codec and a host of other new features to the Xbox platform.