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VLC Accuses Apple Of Copyright Infringement

Rémi Denis-Courmont, the developer behind the open-source VLC media player, has announced that Videolan has sent a copyright infringement notice to Apple over the distribution of the VLC app on iOS devices.

The developer has said that the VLC player is governed by the GNU General Public License (GPL), and that, by using DRM, Apple is restricting the free distribution of the software on the platform.

In the announcement, Denis-Courmont said that instead of dealing with the situation, Apple is expected to simply remove the application from the iTunes App Store.

“Thus, users of iOS-based devices would be deprived of VLC media player, as a consequence of the intransigently tight control Apple maintains over its mobile applications platform,” he wrote.

Previously, Apple was served with a similar notice by GNU Go, which had asked the company to change the terms and conditions of the App Store to fit with those of the GNU GPL.

However, instead of embracing the open-source ideals, Apple had responded by quietly removing the app from the platform.