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Xbox Live Fall Dashboard Update Released Today

Microsoft will be releasing the Fall Dashboard update for its Xbox 360 games console on 1 November, ahead of the launch of its Kinect motion sensing gaming peripheral.

The mandatory update will not only add support for Kinect, but will also upgrade the user interface and responsiveness of the console. The update will bring ESPN 3, Zune Music, a new voice communications codec and Netflix search capabilities to the console.

The company warned that users who don't install the update will not be able to access the Xbox Live feature on the console, but other offline features will be functional.

“The time required to complete the update will vary based on your Internet connection speed. However, for most users, the update will require between 5 and 10 minutes to complete. You will not be able to use your Xbox 360 console while the update is processing,” the company announced on the FAQ page for the update.

Some other enhancements set to come with the update are improved voice quality, a revamped virtual keyboard and an improved Xbox LIVE Marketplace UI and browser experience.