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Apple Brings Back Genius With iTunes Sidebar

Apple has made significant changes to its iTunes 10 platform, replacing the Ping Sidebar with the new iTunes Sidebar which includes Genius recommendations.

When Apple had released its Ping music oriented social network with iTunes 10, it had replaced the Genius Sidebar with Ping. The move had earned angry mutterings from a number of iTunes users who claimed to have found the Ping Sidebar quite useless.

However, MacWorld contributor Kirk McElhearn said out on his blog that Apple had quietly updated the HTML-based sidebar to add three new sections.

The first section, which is dedicated to Ping, features the name of the song along with the buttons to 'Like' it and post a comment about it. If the artist has a profile on Ping, it will also be visible.

The second section is 'My Recent Activity', which displays all the Ping related activities and the comments posted on them by their friends if users are signed into Ping.

The Third section is Genius Recommendations, which shows all the tracks and albums related to the song that is currently playing on iTunes.