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Chrome, Safari still on the up

According to the latest figures from NetMarketShare Internet Explorer is continuing to lose market share despite the appearance of IE9.

Firefox still just under 23 per cent, with neither it nor IE registering much change over the month. Chrome and Safari again are the biggest gainers among the major browsers and both Opera and Opera Mini slipping slightly.

Here's the Top Ten for October:

Browser Total Market Share (September '10 figures in parentheses)

Microsoft Internet Explorer 59.26% (59.65%)
Firefox 22.82% (22.96%)
Chrome 8.47% (7.96%)
Safari 5.33% (5.27%)
Opera - 2.28% (2.39%)
Opera Mini 0.95% (0.97%)
Netscape 0.63% (0.62%)
Konqueror 0.06% (0.06)
Flock 0.05% (0.05%)
Mozilla 0.03% (0.02%)

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