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Demonoid opens floodgates

One of the most popular torrent sites available today,, has opened doors and is allowing registration to all comers.

The tracker/search site, currently hosted in the Ukraine has kept its head above the rising CRIA/RIAA tide and shifted host sites to keep away from the on-going copyright battle, all the while keeping an active role in the torrent tracking scene.

Demonoid members - who are known for their loyalty to the site - can invite other members, in a sort of gentleman's club approach. However, if you're not a member the site only gives users the most basic features. So how to become a registered member without a mate on the inside willing to pass on an invite?

You wait, because when the planets are in alignment Demonoid will in fact open up for registration and let in the rabble that can become bona fide members of the club. Once you've become a member, you get plenty of extras to help with your daily file-sharing activity.

The planets happened to align today.

If you can catch the registration open before it closes again, you'll become one of a lucky few - there are people about who've been waiting for over a year for such an opportunity. With membership you will become privy to all sorts of file-sharing non-fake content instead of some leaky releases that come plagued with rubbish codecs that will only playback on a certain media player which will basically turn your firewall into a sieve.

The site is here.