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Developers Flee Oracle Over OpenOffice Stance

Leading OpenOffice developers have defected to rival The Document Foundation in protest at Oracle's uncertain stance on the future of the productivity suite.

The Document Foundation was founded at the end of September by senior members of the OpenOffice team as a means of continuing development on the stalled OpenOffice project. At the time, the outfit asked Oracle to donate the OpenOffice brand name and contribute to the project.

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison refused the request and fired the office suite's founders, prompting the mass resignation of 33 OpenOffice developers.

The Document Foundation's LibreOffice has already received the backing of Google, network giant Novell and Linux distributors Canonical and Red Hat.

Jacqueline Rahemipour, joint head of the board at Oracle, reiterated that there would be no change in the company's policy as a result of the exodus.

“Although it has been stressed several times that there will be collaboration on a technical level, and changes are possible," she said, "there is no indication from Oracle to change its mind on the question of the project organisation and management.”