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Exclusive : Samsung Galaxy Tab Voice + Data Tariffs On O2 UK Leaked

Although mobile phone provider O2 hasn't yet announced the Samsung Galaxy Tab or its tariff, we can exclusively reveal that the Telefonica-owned company will be offering data + voice packages.

We only have the pricing details for the latter sent to us by one of our readers; as usual, all packages are for 24 months contract with 18 months ones costing an additional £5 per month.

The cheapest package will cost £30 per month with 300 minutes, unlimited texts, 500MB data quota and an initial outlay of £199.99. Up the monthly cost to £35 per month doubles the number of cross network minutes and cuts the cost of the phone to £119.99.

And finally, higher priced packages (£40 and £45 per month) will come with an initial outlay of £99.99, 750MB data and unlimited texts and with 900 or 1200 minutes respectively.

We don't know whether the O2 tariffs will include unlimited Wi-Fi as on other smartphone packages. In comparison, the Dell Streak is free on packages starting from £35 only (on two-year contract).

The Galaxy Tab has been released yesterday and is the only tablet-size device that has phone capabilities as well. For our coverage of Samsung's latest gadget, please here.