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Facebook App Developers Face Ban For Selling User Ids

Facebook developers caught selling user IDs to third party data brokers have been banned from using the viral communications channel on the platform.

The social networking giant said in a blog post that it has "zero tolerance" for data brokers and takes developer policy violations very seriously.

Mike Vernal, a platform engineer at Facebook announced that developers caught selling user IDs will be banned from using the communications channel for the next six months. This means that they will not be able to send wall posts, messages and invitations on Facebook for the duration of the ban.

The company did not specify the name of the developers banned but said: “This impacts fewer than a dozen, mostly small developers, none of which are in the top 10 applications on Facebook Platform.”

According to Gamasutra, one developer firm facing the ban is LOLapps, whose games and applications are accessed by around 15.8 million Facebook users every month.

All the games belonging to the developers are facing the ban except one, Ravenwood Fair, which was released after the controversy broke.