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Google To Launch Chrome OS Laptop Within Weeks

Google is set to launch its own Chrome OS laptop by the end of the month according to a report from Taiwan which also pointed to Inventec as being the main ODM assigned with producing the device.

Digitimes reports that Google will produce at least 60,000 units of the Google netbook which will run on the ARM platform as expected.

Other manufacturers like Acer and Hewlett Packard are likely to follow suit with Asus - the ones who started the netbook revolution with the EEE brand - closely monitoring the situation.

Google will apparently be using the same flawed strategy as with Google nexus One as Digitimes' sources claim that the netbook will not be available for sale through "retail channels".

We have been playing with Chrome OS in the past and found it to be slow albeit on a virtual machine.

We still believe that it would serve Google well if they were to merge both Android and Chrome OS sooner rather than later.

Sergei Brin has already said last year that the company is mulling such a plan and if Gingerbread becomes as successful as it is expected to be, then Chrome OS may well disappear faster than expected.

You can watch a demo of Google Chrome OS below (scroll to 2:30) and you can even download Chrome OS (otherwise known as Chromium OS) from here, although you'd certainly need some technical knowledge.