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Microsoft Advertising Its 'Cloud Power'

Microsoft has started a multi-million dollar campaign to advertise its cloud-based products to customers.

According to tech news site CNET, the ad campaign, which is being carried out by Deutsch, features the line "cloud power", hinting at the huge cloud portfolio the company has to offer to its customers.

The ads, which are designed to highlight the benefits of cloud computing over traditional server-based computing, all involve actors playing the role of different customers explaining the benefits of Microsoft's cloud services. The campaign will cover internet, TV, print and outdoor ads.

The company also plans to organise a series of more than 200 events with around 50,000 customers. Microsoft will also conduct "Cloud Conversations" with customers on its website.

Microsoft's Amy Barzdukas said in an interview: “We really do see that cloud computing is way we haven't necessarily seen since we went from mainframe computing to server-client.”

The first phase of advertising has already began, with banner ads already appearing in Seattle's main airport.