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Microsoft Clarifies Its Stance On Silverlight

Microsoft has told developers that it will continue to invest in Silverlight and pitch it as a core application development platform for Windows.

Bob Muglia, the head of Microsoft's server and tools division, wrote on a blog post that Microsoft continues to regard Silverlight as a core application development platform.

Muglia had previously caused some confusion and controversy after giving an interview with ZDNet's Mary-Jo Foley, saying that the company's strategy towards Silverlight had shifted and that HTML 5 was now the true cross-platform Rich Media Application platform. Silverlight was restricted to Windows Phone, he said.

However, in the recent blog post, Muglia apologised for the confusion he has caused and went on to define the company's position on Silverlight.

“I said, 'Our Silverlight strategy and focus going forward has shifted.' This isn’t a negative statement, but rather, it’s a comment on how the industry has changed and how we’re adapting our Silverlight strategy to take advantage of that,” he wrote.