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Microsoft IE9 Tops First Official HTML5 Tests

Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9 beta 6 web browser has topped the first HTML5 conformance tests conducted by the Worldwide Web Consortium.

According to tech news site The Register, the tests take into account only a small portion of the HTML5 specifications, which are yet to be finalised.

However, the results highlight the change in Internet Explorer when it comes to adhering to web standards and Microsoft's push to use the HTML5 technology, championed by Apple.

The test results put IE9 beta 6 ahead of Google Chrome 7.0.517.41 beta, Firefox 4 Beta 6, Opera 10.60 and Safari 5.0.7533.16.

The features taken into account during the test were attributes, audio, canvas, getElementsByClassName, foreigncontent, xhtml5 and video.

“Interoperability is important to web designers. Good test suites drive interoperability. They're a key part of making sure web standards are implemented correctly and consistently. More tests encourage more interoperability,” the consortium said in a statement.