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Phones4U Bundles £400 Samsung Galaxy Tab With 3 UK Mobile Broadband

Phone specialist Phones4U is selling the Samsung Galaxy Tab for as little as £400 when purchased with a £25 per month, two year contract on 3 UK.

The device will cost a whopping £599.95 on its own, significantly more than the rest of the competition; Carphone Warehouse, for example sells it for £529.99 unlocked, which leaves us wondering why Phones4U would price itself out at such an early stage.

The only other option is an offer with a £199.95 initial fee when bought with the Samsung Europa, an entry level handset, on £45 a months tariffs and above on Vodafone, one with a total cost of ownership of £1280.

A spokesperson for Phones4U said that the company recognised that "Android tablets will be on the top of everyone’s Christmas lists this year" before adding that "Customers see Christmas as the perfect time to upgrade current handsets"

Unfortunately, we couldn't see any of the offers on the Phones4U website or any details regarding the data allowance. The Galaxy Tab is still listed as coming soon with interested parties invited to sign up.

Ditto for the mobile broadband deal from 3 UK; we couldn't find anything relevant over here despite the fact that the press statement said that the offer was available from the 1st of November.