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Price of 3D Television Sets Reaches New Low

You can now buy a brand new 3D TV set for as little as £772.49 including delivery; Amazon has chopped another hundred pounds or so from the list price of the Samsung LE40C750 and threw in some goodies as well.

The 40-inch 3D TV set also comes with a free 3D Blu-ray player and two pairs of active 3D glasses. The Samsung LE40C750 might be affordable but it doesn't mean that corners have been cut.

Granted the set comes with a relatively small screen size but it offers so much more; 2D-to-3D conversion capability, Freeview HD, Full HD 1080p, Internet@TV platform (with access to Lovefilm, Twitter etc), Samsung wireless connectivity feature called All Share, four HDMI ports, PVR capability (just plug in a compatible external storage in one of its USB ports) and SRS surround.

It does work wonderfully well with the PS3 according to user reviews although there are only a handful of games supporting 3D for now.

The added active 3D glasses and the bonus Blu-ray player have a suggested retail price of about £175, which means that the Samsung LE40C750 has a standalone price of just under £600, which is around £150 more than what you'd pay for a normal 40-inch set from a known brand with similar specification.