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Sophos Introduces Free Mac Anti-Virus Tool

Security firm Sophos has launched a free anti-virus tool for Apple Macintosh computers.

According to Sophos, the free Sophos Anti-Virus Home Edition for Mac will be a stripped-down version of the paid software for Apple computers.

Users will be able to download the tool free of charge from the anti-virus firm's website. The free program detects all known types of malware and spyware, including trojans and rootkits.

Sophos is keen to dispel the assumption on the part of many users that Macs can't be affected by viruses.

“The cybercriminals aren't kids messing around in back bedrooms any longer," explained Graham Cluley, a security analyst at Sophos. "They're organised and professional. And - unfortunately - many Mac users may have been too blasé about securing their computers, making the growing Apple userbase an attractive one to target.”

Sophos did not disclose plans to release a free anti-virus tool into the already competitive market for unpaid-for Windows security software.