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Vodafone updates pay as you go rewards

Mobile phone network Vodafone has brought out better incentives for their pay as you go customers, with free text message and data allowances along with extra international calling minutes.

The new Vodafone offers relate to their TopUp Get Text and Web plans, also the TopUp and Get International deals - where there's now more on offer for the basic top up fee.

Adding £10 a month to the Get Text and Web pay as you go plans now deliver 300 text messages, along with a 500MB data allowance in addition to the £10 credit.

The data allowance remains constant for further top ups of £15 and £30, but the amount of possible text messages increase to 500 and 3000, respectively.

The TopUp and Get International pay and you go deal is aimed at those who call friends and family overseas, where now £10, £15 and £30 monthly top ups provide and 60, 100 and 240 minutes - along with the credit already added to the phone.

In September, Orange also updated their pay as you go offerings, with the better incentives of a 2MB daily data allowance on the Monkey tariff, also 240 minutes of International calling for £30 a month on the Camel plan.

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