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Xbox Kinect To Vanquish Playstation Move For Christmas

A report published by research analyst firm IDC predicts that Microsoft will flog up to three million Kinect motion controllers in the last three months of 2010 while Sony will only sell around 2.25 million Playstation Move peripherals according to the study.

The data was collated during a survey of 750 gamers, carried out in partnership with GamePro magazine. Lewis Ward, research manager of IDC's video game industry advisory service, said that "While it doesn't appear Kinect or Move will be this year's Tickle Me Elmo, millions of additional U.S. households will be enjoying motion-based gaming this holiday season".

Incidentally, the report did not say whether pricing as an issue as up to four users can play on the Kinect while each Move controller can only be held by one user at the same time.

The Kinect is already out of stock across the UK with many online retailers having stopped taking preorders altogether.

This has caused a sharp surge in the price of the peripheral as many sellers on Ebay and Amazon Marketplace are trying to cash in on this temporary supply shortage.

Some were flogging the Kinect for £200 despite the fact that its SRP is only £130, which led us to issue the advisory note that it might be better to buy a Kinect Bundle (with the Xbox 360 4GB or 250GB console) if users were looking to get the Kinect on the 10th of November itself.