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Apple Fixes iPhone Password Loophole

Apple has fixed the iPhone dialer security flaw in the Gold Master release of the iOS 4.2.

The flaw allowed anyone to bypass its password protection by using the 'Emergency Call' function.

According to tech news site Boy Genius Report, the recently released Gold Master version fixes the flaw that caused panic among iPhone users.

The glitch in iOS 4.1 caused the iPhone password to be bypassed by pressing the emergency lock followed by three #s. After this, tapping the green button and pressing the off button on the top of the handset gave partial access to the phone.

Anyone with knowledge of the flaw could access the phone's voicemail, call history and the address book, while all the other functions remained password protected.

Apple has also confirmed that the irritating bug found in the alarm clock on the iPhone, will also be fixed with the release of iOS 4.2.