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Bing-Facebook Social Search Features Launched

Microsoft has started to roll-out new social search features for its Bing search engine, developed in partnership with Facebook.

The new, more social Bing is designed to automatically detect if a user is signed-in on Facebook and present search results according to the 'Likes' and interests of the users and their Facebook friends.

Microsoft announced that all information shared between Bing and Facebook will be determined by the privacy policy of each user.

However, as some users want to have the same experience on both Facebook and Bing, Microsoft has tweaked the search engine to show users' friends in their search results as well.

"Specifically people were disappointed when they did not see their friends show up in their searches," Paul Yiu, the group program manger at Bing wrote in a blog post.

"Assuming you have selected to share information with your friends inside Facebook, you will show up in profile searches in Bing, even if you have selected not to have profile information show up in public search engines," Yiu added.

He said: “We believe these changes will make the experience better for customers, allowing them to bring their friends with them into the Bing experience, making search more social, more personal and more useful.”