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Bing Maps Drops Silverlight Plug-in Reliance

Microsoft has revealed plans to make its Bing Maps service accessible without the need of a Silverlight browser plug-in.

The company said in a blog post that users will be able to enjoy the Bing Bird's eye view mode without using Silverlight.

Users will also no longer have to download an additional Silverlight plug-in for either AJAX map control or the website.

Microsoft announced that it will make no further investment into the Bing Maps 3D control plug-in, removing the option to view 3D maps.

The news had sparked rumours that Microsoft was dropping Silverlight from Bing Maps, but the company has confirmed that this is not the case.

The company later said in a statement that: “Because there’s been confusion on this announcement, we want to make clear that this announcement was around the end of life of the 3D Map control. 3D Maps is not based on Silverlight and this announcement has nothing to do with our commitment to Silverlight.”