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BT Broadband Hit By Second Outage

BT's broadband network has been hit by another outage, with users in Scotland and Northern England once again left without any internet connection.

The first internet blackout was reported last weekend when some 20,000 BT users were unable to connect to the internet.

BT has since admitted that the connection problems, which started on Friday and lasted until Sunday, were caused by a fault in the Edinburgh exchange.

After announcing that the problem had been resolved on Monday, web users in Scotland and the North of England started experiencing problems again from this morning and lasting for almost two hours.

The telecoms giant has since released a statement on the problems claiming: “BT has been experiencing localised disruption to some broadband services as a result of a similar technical issue that occurred over the weekend."

The company also stressed: "The issue has been fixed and broadband services have been restored to the majority of affected customers.”