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California saved from the curse of Carly Fiorina

Californians have decided that neither Meg Whitman nor Carly Fiorina will represent their interests either as State Governor or Senator.

Whitman used to be CEO of eBay while Fiorina famously ran HP.

Whitman reportedly spent $160 million on her campaign to be Governor of the hippy state, including $142 million of her own money.

Fiorina trousered over $20million in severance when ousted from HP - about $10 for every job she axed. She too is thought to have been spending her own cash to further her political ambitions. According to her own blurb, she's "a self-made woman".

She lost out to incumbent Senator Barbara Boxer, who has been in the US Congress for around 28 years. Whitman was beaten by "Governor Moonbeam" Jerry Brown.

Fiorina was supported in her campaign by a bunch of business tech heavyweights including Intel chiefs past and present.

Some seem to think that running a business means you might be good at running a country.

Running a business means you simply have to take care of money.

In running a country you're supposed to take care of the people. The two aren't necessarily compatible.