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Civilization V comes to Macs

Apple gamers can celebrate another win with the news that Firaxis Games' latest strategy game, Civilization V, is coming to the Mac platform by the end of the month.

The game, which asks its players to bring a civilisation out of the caves and into the modern world while fending off competing civilisations controlled by human or AI players, is the latest in an ever-popular series originally created by sim king Sid Meier.

While PC gamers have been enjoying the game for quite some time, Mac users have been left by the wayside - until now.

Aspyr, the company responsible for porting the game to Mac OS X, has confirmed a launch date of the 23rd of November for the title, which will be released as both a boxed game and as a downloadable title for those who just can't wait for a physical item to be posted.

The game is the latest in a string of high-profile titles to hit Apple systems, including the recent porting of Left 4 Dead 2 to Mac OS X, and demonstrates that one of the long-held complaints against the platform - an inability to play popular games - is rapidly becoming a non-issue.