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David Hockney Showcases iPad Art

Digital artist David Hockney has set-up an exhibition in Paris of drawings he made on Apple's iPad tablet device.

The long-time technology lover and Apple convert created magnificent works of art using his iPhone and iPad but previously only shared them with friends. Now he's decided that it's time for the world to see the capabilities of the iPad when it comes to drawing in real-time.

The exhibition, titled Fleurs Fraiches, or Fresh Flowers, is being held at an art gallery near to the Eiffel Tower. The drawings are to be shown in their original format and 200 iPads will adorn the walls of a low lit gallery.

He claims that when he previously experimented making drawings on a computer, he had observed that the process was rather slow.

“Drawing is rather like playing chess: your mind races ahead of the moves that you eventually make,” he told the BBC.

After using the iPad for his drawings, he says that even Picasso or Van Gogh would have purchased one if they were alive.