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Facebook Data Highlights Relationship Break Up Patterns

A detailed compilation of Facebook data has revealed when people are most likely to split up with their partner.

British journalist and designer David McCandless sourced data from around 10,000 Facebook status messages that contained the phrases "break up" and "broken up", CNN reports.

The data was then analysed and plotted on a graph.

According to the Facebook 'break up' graph, people were most likely to break-up over Spring Break. Relationships were also found to be in most danger in the weeks following Valentine's Day, on April Fool's Day and every Monday, as well as the two weeks prior to Christmas.

However, the graph shows that there are significantly fewer breakups on Christmas Day itself.

Summer holidays and the whole of Autumn were found to be the safest time to be in a relationship.

McCandless first unveiled his graph at a TED meeting in August, where he also showed graphs on how much money is spent of foreign aid and what each country in the world is above all others at, the Daily Mail reports.