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FTC Modifies Intel Anti-trust Settlement

The US Federal Trade Commission has modified the settlement order in an anti-trust case brought Intel for using unfair trade practices.

The unmodified settlement ordered Intel to use PCI Express Bus in its chipsets for a period of 6 years, The Inquirer reports.

However, the modifications exempt Intel's Oak Trail chipset from the agreement. This is because Intel began the mass production of the chipset before the 4 August settlement was passed.

According to the amended settlement, Intel will be able to ship Oak Trail chipsets in fanless netbooks until June 2013.

The FTC had filed an anti-trust lawsuit against Intel when it discovered that the company had used its dominant market position to strong-arm computer manufacturers into using less of its rivals' chips, such as those made by AMD and Via Technologies.

An Intel spokesperson said in a statement: “As we said when this agreement was first announced, it provides a framework that will allow Intel to continue to compete and to provide customers with the best possible products at the best prices.”