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Google Debuts Improved APIs

Google has rolled-out major updates for the APIs available to developers and has also launched a new APIs Console.

According to the Google Code Blog, the newly launched tools include new Custom Search and Translate APIs. The company has also reorganised and rewritten the documentation of some of its most popular APIs.

The most significant update is the launch of an APIs Console that will allow developers to manage all the APIs currently in use. The company said that developers will be able to see the APIs they are working on, create and manage teams for a project related to an API, track its usage and see how a site or app is using the API.

The company said: “Initially, the console supports over a half dozen APIs – that number is expected to grow rapidly over time. Please take a look at the APIs console and get started using Google’s new APIs today.”

Google is also retiring the older Translate, Web Search and Local Search APIs, which will be phased out over the next three years.