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Google Voice Service Stalls

Google Voice yesterday experienced widespread problems as users complained that they were unable to make any outgoing calls.

According to tech news site TechCrunch, whenever users tried to dial a number, the phone would ring but their calls wouldn't actually go through.

Whenever customers did manage to get through, it appeared as if the call was originating from an unknown number. Also, if the receiver attempted to answer the call, then there was found to be no connection.

According to various sources there is no disruption of services while answering incoming calls. However, Google Voice’s web interface doesn’t seem to work at all.

Google's only response to the problem simply stated: “We’re aware of the issue, which is affecting some Google Voice users, and are working on a fix”

Issues within Google Voice service are not new as the service experienced a major outage back in April 2008 when users were unable to make or receive any calls.