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ASUS leaks GTX 580 specs

Asus has accidentally leaked the specifications on Nvidia's upcoming Geforce GTX 580 graphics chip through its Chinese website, much to the displeasure of AMD fanboihood.

'Twas Kitguru in fact who spotted the naughty content posted on the Asus China website and pasted the screen cap for everyone to ogle at. The specs on the new GF110 chip are actually spot on with what was published a few days ago on Chinese forums, with the ENGTX580/2DI/1536M clocking in at 772MHz core, 1544MHz CUDA processor, 4008MHz GDDR5 in 3x512MB clusters 128-bit wide each (counting for the grand total of 1536MB on a 384-bit bus).

Unfortunately, being top dog in the graphics game will cost consumers a pretty penny. If prices are anything to guide you by, the 4799 Yuan that the card costs will translate directly to around £470, but you know it's bound to be more due to import tax and other such happiness-syphoning details.

As things stand and unless AMD pulls an ace out of its sleeve, the 6900 has its work cut out for it. The buzz is that GTX 580 will deliver about the same performance increase as the Cayman, when compared to its predecessor so, clock for clock, both teams have been very busy tweaking their architectures to bring down power consumption, improve DX11 performance and give the other a good kick in the shins.