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JCB launches new tough phones

One Mobile Ring has attended the launch of the new JCB tough mobile phones by Data Select, the company run by Dragon’s Den Peter Jones.

The new durable handsets are the Tradesman, Sitemaster, Pro and Pro-Talk. These phones effectively replace the original JCB Toughphone from a few years back.

In 2007, Peter Jones’ company Data Select teamed up with JCB to create a tough and arduous mobile phone, for use around locations such as the building site or in environments where knocks and scrapes were likely to affect the phone.

They approached another company to source the handset, where the result was the first JCB Toughphone – the rebranded Somin XP1. This handset had an IP-54 and MIL-STD-810 rating, which meant it’s both dust proof and water resistant in addition to being put through its paces to obtain United States Military Standard certification.

The JCB Toughphone could withstand being driven over, a jet wash, a 3-metre drop and a minute in a cement mixer – which aided in the success of over 50,000 sales, over a two year period and companies such as Samsung and Motorola began developing rivals.

These new JCB phones are no longer made by Somin, but instead by the Foxcon factory in China who also produce the iPhone. Data Select are still behind the handsets and are directly responsible for the design, rather than outsourcing and obtaining the phones by OEM means.

Stay tuned for more on the JCB Toughphones today!

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