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JCB Toughphone - Pro and Pro-Talk

One Mobile Ring attended the new range of JCB Toughphone launch event, by Data Select and JCB - where the last of the two durable and arduous handsets to wind-up our coverage are the Pro and Pro-Talk.

The JCB Pro TP850 isn't just a basic rigorous, solid handset like the Tradesmen - it's actually a functional smartphone, only with an inherent toughness throughout. The Pro arrives with a 2.2-inch touch screen, with both GPS and a 2 megapixel camera, whilst also allowing two SIM cards to be used inside of the phone.

The TP850 has the same IP-67 rating as the Tradesman, which means it's completely dust proof and entirely waterproof with a military spec certification. There isn't the built-in torch that accompanies the Tradesman and Sitemaster, but the Pro does have the wind-up charger, Quad-band capabilities and can access an 8GB microSD card, with a 3 year warranty for £239.99.

JCB's Pro-Talk TP851 arrives with the same specifications as the Pro, only minus the possibilities of memory expansion and with the addition of a built-in 8 channel two-way radio - for communicating with other radios, along with Pro-Talk handsets. The price of the JCB Toughphone Pro-Talk is £249.99, with the same 3-year warranty.

One Mobile Ring personally tested the durability and toughness of the JCB Pro-Talk TP851, by hurling the mobile phone at a china plate in order to either brake the handset, the phone or both - the phone survived and was working well at the end of its ordeal, only the plate didn't make it.

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