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JCB Toughphone – Tradesman and Sitemaster

One Mobile Ring recently attended the launch of the new portfolio of JCB Toughphones by Data Select and JCB, where the first two durable and arduous handsets in our coverage are the Tradesman and Sitemaster.

The JCB Toughphone Tradesman TP121 is the world's first floating phone, which is ideal for seafarers and arrives with an IP-67 rating that means it’s both completely dust proof and entirely waterproof with a military spec certification.

The phone is accompanied by a predominately black case with distinctive JCB markings, a 1.44-inch colour screen, with a built-in torch, Bluetooth, FM radio, Tri-band functionality, with 180minutes talktime and 130hours standby, a 1-year warranty with a cost attached of £69.99.

One Mobile Ring personally tested the waterproofness of the Tradesman, by immersing the phone in a pool full of water with the handset working fine afterwards. At the launch event, many of the TP121 mobiles were floating around in that same pool, whilst powered on and fully functioning – which is more than can be said about a pool full of iPhone 4s.

JCB’s Sitemaster TP802 is the toughest phone in the series and has been designed to handle one tone of pressure, whilst also drop tested to 2-metres with an IP-57 rating that means its dust proof and water resistant whilst also achieving a military certification too.

This phone arrives in yellow JCB designed case, with a 2-inch TFT colour screen, with a built-in laser point and a built-in torch, with a free a wind-up charger, Bluetooth, FM radio, Tri-band functionality, 270minutes talktime and 450hours standby, a 2-year warranty and with a purchase price of £109.00.

Stay tuned for more JCB Toughphone coverage!

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