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LG announces LCD panel with super-slim bezel

LG Electronics is showing off a 37-inch LCD panel capable of being built into giant video walls with a gap of just four millimeteres between each unit.

The panels have left and right bezels of just 1.5mm with the top and bottom borders reaching 2.5mm, which the Korean company reckons is the world's thinnest.

Giant single-screen displays are available but they cost an absolute fortune and are extremely expensive to maintain. Using multiple panels means that dead areas on the video wall can be fixed by replacing or repairing a relatively low-cost single panel rather than the entire screen.

LG is planning to show off a nine-screen 3 x 3 panel at the Flat Panel Display International Exhibition which takes place in Japan from November 10th, but theoretically the panels could be built into any size of display.

We'll expect to see lots of these turning on advertising billboards and concert stages in the coming months, but until some bright spark comes up with an invisible bezel, home theatre nuts will have to stick to projectors for that 20-foot screen experience.

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