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Orange Confirms Windows Phone 7 Shortages

The first batch of Windows Phone 7 devices are selling out faster than they can be supplied, with wireless carriers reporting handset shortages.

Orange has already sold out of its first batch and is not able to deliver many of the already pre-ordered handsets. The wireless carrier is offering Samsung's Omnia 7 and HTC's Mozart.

The company has been giving out £20 HMV coupons to customers whose handsets have been delayed.

“We can confirm that, as part of this process, we have been running a pre-order service whereby customers are given an incentive in those stores who have yet to receive stock, and we are working with our suppliers to meet customer demand as a number-one priority,” the company said in a statement.

News site Business Insider reports that the shortage of Samsung and HTC Windows Phone 7 devices can be attributed to a low supply of AMOLED screens.

One report also claims that HTC is suffering from some kind of software problem with its Windows Phone 7-based devices.