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Skyfire Brings Flash To iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch

A new app, which will bring Adobe's Flash software to Apple's iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices, is set to be made available for download through the App Store.

The app, named Skyfire, is a browser app that will allow users to watch flash video and content on their Apple device immediately after download.

This is the first time that a Flash application has been approved for the App Store after Apple CEO Steve Jobs banned it from his platforms.

The app works by translating the flash content into HTML5 format instantly through Skyfire's servers.

According to CNN Money, the application will be available on the US App Store from 9:00 AM on 4 November onwards, and can be purchased for $2.99.

The details on the UK release are not yet known.

The company had said in a blog post in October: “Skyfire enables Flash on Apple devices by transcoding video content into HTML5 on the fly from millions of web sites; it supports iOS devices via Apple’s HTTP live streaming.”