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Turkish Court Reinstates YouTube Ban

A Turkish court has ordered a ban on Google's YouTube website just days after a 30-month ban had been lifted.

According to Business Week, a court in Ankara issued the orders after a video showing former opposition party leader Deniz Baykal was posted on the platform.

Baykal had resigned from his position as the leader of the opposition in May after a video of him in a bedroom with a female lawmaker was leaked.

The court in Ankara has told Turkey's telecommunications regulator to order YouTube to remove the videos or face another ban.

Google's online video sharing platform was banned in Turkey in May 2008 after a number of videos on the platform were found to have insulted Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey. According to Turkish law, it is illegal to insult Ataturk.

YouTube spokesperson Ozlem Oz said that the company has reposted the videos that led to the ban in order to make them accessible from outside Turkey after deciding that videos did not violate its copyright policy.