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UK Stores Prepare For Kinect Launch

UK retailers are preparing for are planning special Kinect-focused events and midnight openings for the launch of the motion sensing gaming peripheral.

According to MCV, prominent retailers across the UK are planning to hold in-store demo areas and put up special Kinect charts to mark the launch of the device next week.

One such retailer, GAME, has had immense success in generating a buzz around the launch by organising Kinect evenings in which they demonstrate the device in action.

“Every time we show the product to people in stores we get a reaction. That demonstrability is absolutely key, and we are the only guys I think that is doing that. And that has given us a real advantage in driving pre-orders better than anyone else,” Adam Davis, GAME's trading director said in a statement.

Asda is also planning big Kinect-related events, with 200 stores set to open at midnight and all stores set to have dedicated Kinect areas. The marketing strategy is burgeoning with front displays, floor stickers, posters and Kinect software charts.