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Xbox 360 Dashboard Update Slammed By Users And Devs Alike

The recently released Xbox 360 dashboard update has been slammed by both users and developers who have criticised Microsoft for downgrading the independent games section to the Avatar Marketplace

The mandatory update, which was released on 1 November, was meant to enhance the overall feel of the dashboard and prepare the Xbox for the launch of the Kinect motion gaming system.

However, as some indie games fans soon found out, the update has moved the independent games section from the Games Markplace to the Avatar Marketplace.

Matthew Doucette of indie game studio Xona Games wrote on a forum thread: “We are not under the 'Titles A-Z'. We are not under 'Games'. Is XBLIG [Xbox Live Indie Games] not worth the opportunity cost of chewing up marketing space tabs under the appropriate channels? How do we get this changed?”

As well as the Games Marketplace update, some users have complained about the new look Xbox 360 Dashboard, claiming it to be very bland.

A handful of users have also experienced problems while downloading and installing the update.