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Dell To Release More Tablet PCs In 2011

Dell has announced that it will be launching a significant number of tablet devices next year.

Speaking at an event in Hong Kong, Dell CEO Michael Dell announced that the company will be releasing a number of tablet PCs next year, news agency Reuters has reported.

Currently, the tablet PC market is largely dominated by Apple's iPad device, a product whose success can be pinned to it being the first tablet launched.

However, Apple will see a significant number of competitors enter the tablet market by the end of this year, including the Android-based Samsung Galaxy Tab, threatening its dominance on the sector.

Whilst the majority of firms are moving into the tablet market using Google's Android OS, Dell may be looking to use Microsoft’s newly launched Windows Phone 7 OS for its tablet PCs.

At the same event in Hong Kong, Michael Dell had said that Windows Phone 7 devices were easier to develop for than Android phones.