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Google CEO Says Chinese Web Censorship Will Fail In Time

Google has predicted that China's web censorship policies will crumble as increasing numbers of Chinese people access the internet.

The internet in China, which is the single largest market for online services in the world, is governed buy a set of strict web censorship laws that prevent people from using certain online services that could affect the "social stability" and "harmony" of the country.

Speaking during a talk show hosted by the Council on Foreign Relations, Google CEO Eric Schmidt said that it was only a matter of time before Chinese censorship protocols will no longer be able to contain the number of people accessing the internet.

“The question is at what point will there be so many Chinese people online that such mechanisms break down in terms of censorship and so forth?” he said.

Schmidt added: “If you think about the scale, they've got a billion phones that are trying to express themselves. It will be difficult in my view to completely keep up with that.”