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Google Chrome 9 Launched For Developers

Google has released the Chrome 9 web browser on its Chrome Developers Channel, complete with a number of updates.

Announcing the release in a blog post, the company said that the Chrome 9.0.570.0 build was compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome Frame.

The new Chrome 9 comes with some known issues, which include the inability to load Windows Media Player on Firefox, delivers an error and the inability to type a character in the MySpace comments field, but also fixes several crashes reported on the previous build.

Now that the Chrome version 9 has been released to the developers, the launch of the Chrome 8 web browser could well be imminent.

Chrome has carved itself a decent sized niche in the browser market in record time and continues to eat away at the shares of rivals Firefox, IE and Safari.

According to tech news site TechTree, the company is planning to release the Chrome 9 web browser on 29 November.