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ITC Sides With Nokia In Apple Patent Fight

US International Trade Commission staff have claimed in a memo that Apple cannot produce enough evidence to prove that Finnish Phone Maker Nokia has infringed its patents.

According to The Wall Street Journal, in a pre-trial memo released on Tuesday, the ITC staff said that "the evidence will not establish a violation ... as to any of the asserted patents."

The companies are currently engaged in a legal wrangle against each over patent violation and both have asked the ITC to ban each other's products from entering the US market.

The legal battle began last October when Nokia filed a lawsuit against Apple claiming that it had infringed on 10 patents with the iPhone, with Apple later counter-suing the Finnish mobile giant for infringing its patents with their own devices.

The current trial began on Monday, with Apple accused Nokia of violating several of their patents relating to power management and device booting.