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James Cameron Slams Post-production 3D Conversions

Director James Cameron has hit out at "lazy" Hollywood studios who think that converting 2D movies to 3D at the last minute can earn them quick bucks.

According to Cameron, adding 3D effects during post production does more harm than good to the film.

Cameron made reference to “Clash of the Titans” which was filmed in 2D and converted to 3D at the last minute. The film subsequently failed at the box office, the BBC reports.

The director said that if studios want a good 3D movie, it had to be filmed in 3D from the very first day of production.

"My personal philosophy is that post conversion should be used for one thing and one thing only - which is to take library titles that are favourites that are proven, and convert them into 3D - whether it's Jaws or ET or Indiana Jones, Close Encounters... or Titanic," he said.

"Unless you have a time machine to go back and shoot it in 3D, you have no other choice. The best alternative is if you want to release a movie in 3D - make it in 3D."