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Kinect Uses Negligible Amount of Xbox 360 CPU power

The Kinect, Microsoft's forthcoming motion controller for the Xbox 360 gaming console, apparently uses less than 10 per cent of the device's processing power.

Alex Kipman, the head of project for the Kinect, told that the peripheral system, as a whole, has been undergoing some serious tweaking under the hood with Microsoft engineers bringing processing power demands down by at least 30 per cent from the estimated 10 to 14 per cent.

The finer details point to some rather radical algorithmic optimizations that have been done on the Kinect's webcam.

The Xbox 360 has a rather old processor based on IBM's PowerPC, a custom triple-core 64-bit design called Xenon running at 3.2GHz, and designing a capable motion controller that uses only a fraction of the processing resources of a kit that's more than five years old is an incredible feat by any standards.

The peripheral will be launched on the 10th of November and will almost certainly become one of the most sought after gaming accessories in 2010.